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Facility Management companies are facing the ever increasing demand for professional services and to meet this demand are more and
more using subcontractors to deliver these services. Additionally, there is now a greater emphasis on energy and water management and
the responsibility for this is being allocated to the Facility Management providers.

The issue for the Facility Management providers is to procure subcontract services from subcontractors who have the requisite skills as
many will themselves be providing diversified services with focus being distributed amongst several activities. Whilst Facility Management
companies do generally have a commitment to save energy and water, with new technology and new utility services they are not conversan
t with consumption patterns and the techniques that may be adopted to conserve energy and water in new utilities.

Zenersol through its alliance with a Facilities Management service company will provide maintenance services that are focused, measured
and monitored to ensure that as a result efficiency is maintained or improved. Zenersol can also provide energy and water utilization analysis
and compare these with normal consumption rates to establish potential savings and recommend how these savings can be achieved.



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