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With the development of the Freehold Real Estate market, we have seen the introduction of Owners Associations who assume many of
the responsibilities normally adopted by the Developers.

Owners Associations are normally a group of nominated tenants with little real estate experience and limited knowledge of property

The Owners Associations are tasked with many responsibilities but primarily property maintenance, security and the fair allocation of
costs for common services. In respect of the utilities this responsibility is more complex when sub-metering has not been constructed
into the property.

Zenersol has the ability to assist with many of the Owner Association issues, it can develop and administer structures and mechanisms
for the billing of utilities and other annual service costs, it can if required introduce sub-metering (where not installed) and conduct metering
| and billing in a more fair and transparent manner, it can provide measured and monitored maintenance services for the utility related
equipment and it can advise and recommend on the amount of energy and water consumption.



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