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Retail and commercial properties are significantly different in nature to residential properties and therefore the systems providing
utilities to these properties need to be designed with consideration for greater and continuous demand and specific back up or redundancy. Additionally, with the greater and continuous demand and consumption energy and water saving is more critical to owners and managers
of retail and commercial properties.

The control and recovery of the cost of utilities in retail and commercial properties is often a sensitive issue for owners and managers as the
common areas to these properties are generally considerably greater.

Zenersol has experience in developing utility systems for retail and commercial properties that provide that additional security of services
required by these properties. This relates to the manner in which the networks are designed and served from the generating plants.

With its knowledge of the consumption patterns in retail and commercial properties Zenersol can advise on the consumption of a specific
property and investigate, analyse and make recommendations to control energy and water consumption.

Zenersol can also develop and administer metering and or billing solutions that are transparent, fair and control the element of risk of unbilled amounts falling back on the property owners or managers.


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