Innovative Energy and Water Solutions

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Business Feasibility
System Design
System Operation
  System Enahancement
  Eenergy Conservation
Metering, Billing Management
  Billing Management
  CRM Services
Asset Management
  Plant and Network
  In - Building Services
  Tenants and Home Owner Services

The Advisory and Management function covers a broad range of services, with a team of experienced professionals who have developed
world class companies from concept to world leaders in their sectors.

Zenersol employees have developed and successfully managed energy and water utility businesses in the Middle East. This has involved
working with developers to understand their requirements and then developing, procuring and operating systems to world class standards.

With this experience and skill available Zenersol has the ability to provide management services in varying capacities ranging from managing
a particular activity, e.g. billing and metering or for a total business management solution.


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