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Zenersol understands the fundamentals of successful energy and water utility services and focuses on areas of critical importance
to ensure services are provided in the most reliable and cost effective manner. It engages, and ensures that all stakeholders are aware
of and understands the principle of how services are provided, the critical features and the planning required to successfully provide
services in the most economic manner.

The principal services of the company involve Advisory and Management, Metering. Billing Management and Customer Relations
Management and Asset and Facilities Management.

Zenersol has the ability to develop comprehensive feasibility studies and produce business plans or models for energy and water utility
services. These studies and plans will assist with the procurement of finance for the projects. It has the ability to develop innovative tariff
structures to ensure fair and full recovery of development and operational costs acceptable to all stakeholders.

Zenersol has the skill and experience to technically and commercially review and evaluate systems, pre and post development, and make recommendations where improvements are achievable. It can assist with the development of the performance specification required for the
design and procurement of the assets to ensure the technical and commercial objectives are achieved.

In respect of Management capability, Zenersol can provide a complete business solution covering, study, design, procurement, construction,
operation, maintenance, metering and billing and customer service.

The Metering and Billing Management Service is a comprehensive service, covering meter reading, bill production and disbursement,
revenue collection and reconciliation, meter management and meter retrofitting to previously unmetered properties.

Customer Relations Management including registrations, security deposit administration, disconnection and reconnection regime, final
billing and service transfer and comprehensive Call Centre Services.

With an emphasis on conservation, Zenersol can provide Energy Management covering monitoring of consumption, analysis and evaluation
of consumption and recommendations for reduction.

Under the Asset and Facilities Management Service Zenersol will provide evaluation of performance, development of an appropriate
maintenance regime, monitor the service provided against agreed KPI’s and other recommendations and develop Life Cycle Cost
Models to establish and manage Life Cycle scenarios to achieve optimal performance. These would apply to plants and distribution
systems and In-Building equipment in Common Areas and residences.


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